Kooyong for Members

Established 2024

Join the grassroots movement of passionate Members striving to elevate KLTC

Unaffiliated with the Club's official leadership, we are committed to advocating for change from within. By signing up, you are joining a community dedicated to transparency, accountability, strong governance, and a world-class member experience.


Together let's shape a brighter future for Kooyong.

 Who we are

  • We are a diverse group of Kooyong Members who want to make improvements around how our Club is run.


  • Some of our members include: Jed Bertalli, Rob Dennis, Enrique Klix, Michael Richards, Fiona Hansen, and Mike Mitchell.


Why we are here 

  • To create positive change across all key areas of Kooyong.


  • To ensure the future prosperity of our Club by providing Members with a world-class experience.


  • To find a strategic and sustainable direction for Kooyong based on what Members want.

How we will work 

  • Host Member events, gatherings and forums.


  • Send letters and petitions to KLTC Leadership.


  • Call a special general meeting (SGM) to demand accountability.


  • Advocate for Members on key issues.

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What we stand for

Transparency and accountability

  • A comprehensive understanding of current issues to address concerns and implement an immediate strategic review into management, operations and finance.


  • Strong financial integrity and best practice transparent reporting.


  • A renewed and clear purpose, vision and objectives for the Club.

Strong governance

  • Review and transparency around key outsourced agreements and contracts: e.g. coaching, HR, gymnasium and pro shop.


  • Review of Club constitution to protect Members and ensure a culture of best practice governance.

Member engagement

  • Encourage a warm, family friendly environment where every Member feels included and valued.


  • Prioritise fun and enjoyment in every aspect of the Club experience while maintaining important safety and sustainable practices.

World-class experience

  • Raise the standards of facilities, coaching programs, Member groups and hospitality.


  • Provide an inclusive array of enjoyable and memorable Club activities.


  • Upgrades to high-quality, modern facilities and services.

We welcome all feedback!

Email us at kooyongformembers@gmail.com with comments, ideas and questions.

We want to hear from you!